Open your heart

It’s high time when our knowledge and logics needs to take a backseat especially if it makes you question someone’s sufferings, if it’s asking you to pinch the already wounded and not contributing in any way to spread kindness and empathy which is needed more than ever. Quite your mind, let your heart feel compassion, […]

Raise your voice

While typing on facebook, her rebellious rant, she looked at the wall clock, finished her typing nervously started pacing around in her small yet cosy apartment, it was the time her husband will be back Slowly, the familiar fear enveloped her, being around him was like walking on eggshells, after all, anything could make him […]

I won’t write love stories

I don’t want to write about his eyes or about him to be precise I wish to write about the unfair world, who treats everyone on the basis of their status I want to write about that hungry lusty wolf who broke the trust of his own friend I want to sharpen my words, sharp […]

Plight of Indian Migrant workers

Honestly, they didn’t cross my mind even once until I saw them on news channels, thousands of migrant workers, walking miles, barefoot to reach their homes as this virus spread across the cities snatching away their meagre source of income, thus leaving them hungry and hopeless and most importantly, without any faith and expectations. Even […]