It’s okay

Asking for help is okay rejection is okay setting boundary is okay laughing at your own jokes is okay being clumsy is okay being okay is okay you don’t have to ace everything you can decide what you choose to stay average in so that you can be your absolute best in things you love […]

my wishes to the one reading this

I wish you a heart so pure and genuine that it cares for everyone, selfless, devoid of any envy, I wish you a mind so strong, that it knows when to stop and put yourself first. I wish you have a child like smile innocent and carefree I wish you don’t hold back your tears, […]

let art be your solace

the only way to get through this tiring time is to keep our hopes high and fear at bay, believe, that you are healthy and your loved ones are safe because fear is one of the lowest vibrations even science says it reduces immunity if we will succumb to fear it will add up to […]