I wonder

I wonder
why certain
pain feels so precious to us
that we hold on to it desperately
trying to find the trace of the ones
we never wanted to loose
in the first place
maybe this pain is the
the only way to hold on to those
who left and
never looked back.

I wonder
why the same memories
which made us laugh in the past,
makes us cry in present

we meet people,
love them,
live and laugh with them
just to let them go
I wonder
why do we even meet them
only to say goodbye?

I sit there, reminiscing
those beautiful memories
replaying the moments and

I wonder
why do we need to say

29 thoughts on “I wonder

  1. Anamika after long days I am reading yours. Now I am wondering how could you write something at time which is highly relatable to me?
    This made me to go back with my memories and hard good byes..
    Touched my heart dear🤗♥️

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  2. We hold on to these pains, because we don’t, want to forget, how we were, hurt, and we trap ourselves by the past, until we figure out, that letting go of these pains we forced ourselves to experience so much, is the only way to, free our, selves.

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  3. My hunch is that we say goodbye so that we can say hello to our growth which involves different people with every stage that comes.
    Don’t forget to be grateful they were there when needed and be hopeful that new needs will bring new persons that are ip to the task.

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