my wishes to the one reading this

I wish you a heart so pure and genuine

that it cares for everyone,

selfless, devoid of any envy,

I wish you a mind so strong,

that it knows when to stop

and put yourself first.

I wish you have a child like smile

innocent and carefree

I wish you don’t hold back

your tears,

when you feel like

crying your heart out.

I wish you have enough

moments to pause, reflect

and breathe in the beauty of world.

I wish your roots so strong

that no matter what the storm

is, it can never blow you away.

I wish your wings

so light that

you can fly as high as you want

without anything

weighing you down.

I wish you a day full of hopes

and night full of dreams.

I wish you a morning

of sunshine and warmth,

an evening full of beautiful sunset hues,

a content day,

and a night full of hope and gratitude.

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