Let me go

Let me go

loosen up your claws

on my life

set me free,

please don’t hold on to me

no promises,

no assurance

I want you to give

when I already decided to leave

please do me a favour and let me go

you could have changed

when I was there

trying my best to stay

now when I am done

don’t force your so-called

love on me

let me go

stop saying ” I will change”

even if you mean it

if you change,

good for you

I am done waiting to

reap my

Patience and efforts

which I have been

sowing since years now

If you really want to change

please go-ahead

but don’t do that for me

I won’t stay

let me go

loosen up your claws

it hurts too much

I can’t stay anymore

no matter what you say

I am not going to

wait for your changed behaviour

loosen up your claws,

please let me go

17 thoughts on “Let me go

        1. Aww no dear, not really nothing personal but just things happening around the world also can’t get over Sushant Singh’s demise yet.
          I resonated with his heart and the human he was, I feel terrible.
          This poem is just an attempt to get back to writing

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I can understand, it is actually very difficult to digest this thing, but it’s life
            And the things happening around are totally very overwhelming, with all the negativity
            We have to keep patience and hope that one day everything will be fine πŸ’™
            Happy to see you back to writing, it do help us at times
            And I am there always
            Take care πŸ˜‡πŸ€—

            Liked by 1 person

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