A letter to Ankita Lokhande

Dear Ankita,
when the shock and denial
subsided, grief took over
and when the thoughts shifted from him
to his family
it moved to you
and I am keeping you in my prayers.

Ankita, I am no one,
I know nothing about what you two shared or why chose to opt ways out of that wonderful relationship.

But I know that you lost a huge
part of your life and maybe a part
of yourself.
I know that you moved on
but your heart had this immense love,
respect and just good intentions for him.

I don’t know how but I just know it,
I can feel it
maybe by watching you in few videos
or by hearing things about you.
I can’t explain
I just know this.

Your grief your pain,
is something beyond my limits to ever understand.

But I am here to remind you that
you stood by him when he was struggling, held his hands, pushed him while he kept making his way up.

I remember once reporters asked you
“ain’t you possessive now since
Sushant is a star after
MS Dhoni?”
And I saw you beaming with pride, joy and faith,
how beautifully you shut them up
by saying that ” I am a superstar and he loves me so I know I do not need to get possessive”.

I don’t know how things might have turned
but I remember you handling it all with so much grace and beauty.

When you stick to someone during their tough time and finally things start working out for them achieving all that you have dreamt together but
things between starts to fall apart somehow and I know how messy, painful and confusing that is but you dealt everything with so much grace and poise

You two didn’t just show us how to love but also how to let go maintaining the love and respect for each other.
How to be happy and hopeful for each other at a distance.

You were there with him from dust to stars and we as his admirers can’t thank you enough.

You were the beginning, the push, the pillar of his journey and I truly admire you as a woman.

While people are bashing and blaming you,
I want to remind them, you were one of the most beautiful and strong parts of his life and thank you for loving him and standing by his side when he needed it the most.

You did your best

He was forever grateful to you and now we are too.

14 thoughts on “A letter to Ankita Lokhande

  1. “you were one of the most beautiful and strong parts of his life and thank you for loving him and standing by his side when he needed it the most.”…this is very endearing and sweet and nice..it is true that no matter what ang regardless of there would always be someone who would stand by our side and never leave us when everyone does.

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