Open your heart

It’s high time

when our knowledge
and logics needs to take a backseat

especially if it makes you question
someone’s sufferings, if it’s asking you to pinch the already wounded

and not contributing in any way to
spread kindness and empathy

which is needed more than ever.

Quite your mind, let your heart feel compassion,

stop the urge to argue

and never ever invalidate

someone’s sufferings

I can understand

we can never know

what they have been through

but what we can do

is stand by their side

when they are busy fighting

open your ears and your heart

allow yourself to listen, learn

and just let them be

who suffered since ages

all lives matter but let the oppressed takeover

let them talk

hear them out

let them express anger, grief, pain, let them scream, cry

be angry with them, cry with them

hold their hands while they unravel the painful incidents,

while they talk and cry about whatever they faced

and if you can’t

please don’t hit them in knees while

they are trying to take a stand

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