red lipstick

“make your choice
a warrior or a princess”
asked the king,
father of the only daughter
So, he could find the most eligible
“future king” of his state “groom for his princess”.

But she was passionate about horses and swords
as much as she loved her pearls and red lipsticks.

And that’s why
she chose both

and now when she is not busy
saving the world
she sits in her garden
amidst the butterflies and flowers
with her red lipstick
and pearls on.

And when the time
she becomes the knight in shining armour for herself and her kingdom

She is the queen
who loves
swords and red lipsticks

42 thoughts on “red lipstick

  1. Thanks for this! As someone who was always more of a tomboy, I can identify with this in some humorous ways. As a college student, I once ran a Tough Mudder 13 mile race and went to a formal dance in the same day. Thankfully, being a woman does not have to mean you stay out of the mud. πŸ™‚

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    1. you know what I realized the same when I was looking out for the image relevant to write, we rarely have any character even images.
      No worries your girl is here to write more about it β˜ΊπŸ˜‹

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    1. yes, why to choose when you can absolutely have it all, also this was dedicated to women who are working constantly for change but often judged for clothes and makeup for being superficial.

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  2. An unusual choice for a warrior woman. But in taste, there is nothing definite. The truth is that the poem is fascinating because of the story it tells. Very original. I enjoyed it a lot.

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    1. Tastes are different. Every person with a body of tough armour, has a soft heart within. A woman can be the loving Goddess Annapurna when she’s at her best, but if the fire in her is enkindled, she takes the form of Goddess Durga, who can put up a brave fight with the demons around. Similarly, there can well be a bold warrior woman who loves lipsticks and pearls.
      Great work!

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      1. A very detailed explanation of the forms of the goddesses in your culture. Now I have more knowledge and that makes me very happy. So I can better understand your poems. Thank you very much for your kindness to clarify the concepts for me.
        A good day for you. I enjoy reading your blog

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    1. so glad you liked it, I basically dedicated this to modern age women, who are working towards change but are often questioned about their clothes and looks, and assumed to be superficial.

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