the last conversation

I was hungry,
looking for something to eat.I saw you bringing me a fruit you were nothing less than an angel
for me and my unborn baby

It made me happy,reminded me of the time,I could pick up fruits from the trees,
but there are no jungles around, anymore and the trees don’t bear fruits like before

But may be,
you human still care for us. how we forget all

when your children
clap with excitement
and that innocent laughter
when they see us. that makes us happy too

we are born wild and free
you tie us, tame us,
kill us and all we offer to you is
the selfless love,
we convey through our eyes
all our pain and smiles
we still hold on to hope

The one who created you
created me too
and that’s how
we are bound to trust you,
to love you

we are made of the same stars
and the galaxies,
we pray we feel,
we cry,
we smile

but I wonder sometimes,
do you really care
about us,you took away our shelters,
the sources of food,your civilizations standing tall
on our blood and bones

even took away
our birthright of freedom

but we forgive you
we love you still and

maybe that’s
why I trusted you again
I was hungry
and there was no food
as far as I could see and when you bought that fruit

I was elated
my unborn
baby will no longer be hungry
we had something to eat” see baby, they are so kind,
they got us food.

But what happening to us
why this unbearable burn
it’s burning my mouth
my throat,
I am crying in pain
no no they gave us fruit
that’s fruit

oh ! I can see a river there
it might save me
and my baby

I am standing
in the water
but the burning is not going away I opened my mouth
immersed my trunk in the river but all my efforts are in vain
all I can feel is pain
I am dying
my baby

I am so sorry
I trusted this race,
I am sorry baby
that you will never see this world. but but
it’s better
isn’t it better?
you didn’t have to born
in this cruel world

it’s not anymore our home
this earth
this beautiful earth
is no more home

it’s not even beautiful anymore
there are pain and screams
there is blood
and bones
and their hearts
their hearts are mere stones”they ain’t kind

to their own race they kill,
they burn
each other
in the names of religion
and colours
sometimes for money
and power

these humans
put the monsters to shame

And I wish I could ask them
“The one who created me
created you too
then, where did you get that stone- heart from”


26 thoughts on “the last conversation

    1. Yeah, but we forget that animals are loved by that almighty because they are all hearts unlike us and hurting them with such cruelty will definitely anger the Nature.

      A similar incident happened last month with a dog she just gave birth to puppies and a woman killed her by kicking even her puppies died of trauma, I was staying away from that news because it was too triggering for me.

      But then this happened again.


  1. This work is moving. Its appeal should be universal. Only the hard-hearted should resist. And they shouldn’t do so. The voice is innocent, which breaks our hearts. The situation could become redeemable (in the world), which should appeal to our minds and our convictions. And our actions.

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  2. Anamika this brought tears in my eyes. Now I am feeling guilty as that elephant accusing me. Now we human became inhuman.Here we may blame that real acquist, but all the humans should hang their heads low. Now as a grown up civilization we are grooming our brutality in all other way. We tolerate all cruelty only for us to live forgetting world is equal for all beings.

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    1. my eyes got moist while writing this, a similar incident happened last month where a dog was killed and her puppies died of trauma, I kept ignoring that news because triggered me really bad.

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  3. आज मानवता फिर शर्मसार हुई है😶 हम पशुओं से भी गैर गुज़रे हैं।

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