magic of words

No one is perfect
even when you see
someone making mistakes
not being their best
speak of faith
resilience. learn patience
and share with them
be honest but not the brutal honest be the kind honest
see them fall see them get up
clap for them
cheer them
and they will do better
it works
I promise
and one day
when they are
finally their best
hug them
and tell them
they did make
but got better
they learned
and tell them
they can always
repeat the process
with themselves
and others
tell them
word matters,
it does the magic
it can either
fill someone with faith
or fear tells them to choose faith for themselves and others, always

27 thoughts on “magic of words

  1. “be the kind honest”….i am smiling reading and this line hits me the most..i can be brutally honest sometimes…lol…
    I will try harder next time and will remember what you said “be the kind honest”

    Ow i posted a new poem now

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  2. The words really had that magic. Sometimes it would bring smile in someone’s face or the virtual slap on the face. Our words have that impact. I loved the line – be honest but not brutal honest be the kind honest.
    That’s so great. There would be some people just bash out the fact so hardly on someone’s face. Our gentle words can change worse situation into better. Here you explained the power of words with most beautiful words Anamika. Your work always amazed me ❀️
    Wish you to have a happy day😊

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    1. Hey, Mitty good morning,
      isn’t that true?
      Even plants and animals know the tone of the voice, talk to them with love and they will respond with love.
      So glad you liked the poem Mitty, thank you so much ❀😊


  3. I just opened WordPress in between my studies to read something, and what a coincidence that you just posted
    It is yet another beautiful poem Anamika πŸ’™πŸ€—πŸ€—
    Our words have much power to impact anybody in anyway and should be chosen wisely always 😊
    Take care, have a good day ahead!!!!!

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