the story isn’t over yet

He is a proud dad, a loving husband and a good businessman,
and not so popular singer.

After dinner, he tucked her beautiful daughter in bed, kissed his wife goodnight, and sat on his terrace in silence and solace, remembering that dreadful night when he decided to take his own life.
After all, living without one’s dream is anyway death, at least he thought so, years ago.

His dream of becoming a successful singer broke into a million pieces when he lost the reality show which was his only ticket to success at that time.

He found no other way of escape from that pain and despair.

The decision was taken, death seemed the only solution, he didn’t want to face his family, but as soon as he picked up the blade, his phone rang, it was his sister.

He remembered her face for one last time, so full of life, laughing, living, dreaming, his lips stretched a little in a feeble smile while his mind wandered “will her carefree smile will still dance on her cute face, will she still dream like there is no tomorrow?”

The blade fell off his hands, he held his phone close to his heart while tears kept flowing until the first ray of the sun touched his face.

He got up from the cold floor and marked the date on his calendar, it was a day to celebrate, he chose life over death, it was a victory.

And tonight, here he was not so successful still a singer, he never left singing, he never could.
His singing was beyond this definition of success and failure.

He wrote another note to his younger self

” don’t quit it will be worth it,even if it might not exactly be as you want it to be still it will be so very beautiful. I promise.”

Maybe somewhere in some other time or space, someone needed to hear this ,

the story isn’t over yet;”

44 thoughts on “the story isn’t over yet

  1. “he chose life over death, it was a victory” this is very beautiful. One should always choose life over death for as long as we live we will always have the chance. And isnt it life alone a success on its own already?

    Beautifully written and truly inspiring.

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    1. Exactly, the one in a million chance to born as a human with all our senses to enjoy the beauty, the taste , smell and hear the music of nature, it’s a success, blessing itself.
      Thank you for reading and appreciating Mich,
      also when your next post is coming, I am waiting 😊

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    1. Thank you, Shreya since I was writing one of the darkest things, I made sure to keep the vibe positive and hopeful.
      So glad you liked it that way ❀


  2. “He choose life over death, it was a victory”

    “don’t quit it will be worth it,even if it might not exactly be as you want it to be still it will be so very beautiful. I promise.”

    These lines 😍😍, they are simple yet so powerful, that it made us think again and again how after a failure, we think, everything is over and some also took extreme step of suicide, giving up so easily. Death is always easy option, living is difficult and one should never give up, don’t know, when things will change.

    Totally loved it, very beautifully written by youπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’•πŸ’•
    And yes, story is not over yet

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    1. Thank you so much Era πŸ˜„
      I was wondering you didn’t see the post yet, you are one of those who are always around as soon as I post and I am so so grateful for that and see here you are thank you so much for reading it and feeling it with all your heart.
      I just wish things change, it’s somewhere in the system, we have so much neck throat competition that even failing once or twice seems so much nig they say na there is always a second chance always .
      Thank you for reading πŸ€—


      1. You’re most welcome πŸ€—πŸ˜ƒ, I totally love reading your posts, you can say me as your one of the fans around πŸ’™, I was studying that’s why have not seen it πŸ˜… even I was wondering, when I last opened WordPress, that you have not posted anything yet
        Yes, competition is very very high, owing to such a large population of our country and very less opportunity, most of the talented people who can do a lot better, have become prey to it πŸ˜…πŸ˜… and yes, hopefully, it will change
        Take care dear, stay safe πŸ’™πŸ€—πŸ˜ƒ

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  3. Wow dear ❀️ I could feel lot of positive vibes in this blog. What a line Anamika!
    don’t quit…
    Yeah life is a gift. We will have springs and droughts in it but the beauty is we have to live that completely.
    Heart touching one❀️

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