I can’t sleep

I opened

our chat window

after days, even weeks

or maybe months

I don’t want to remember

how long it went by

since we stopped talking

but I opened our chat window,

which somehow is

blank now

but here is my


I didn’t delete it

I wanted to keep it

everything from

our fights to affection

your cold reactions

those wild sensations

I wanted to keep it all

like my prized possession

but then you see

when you decide to

let go of something

the whole universe

helps you

and pull out the strings

my phone crashed

and somehow I lost

our years-old chat

still, I opened it

staring at the

blank chat window

I wanted to type

” I can’t sleep”

like older times

but then I remember

you are on a journey which

I am not a part of


it hurts

and that’s okay


good morning

I can’t sleep

44 thoughts on “I can’t sleep

  1. The toughest thing ever. Sometimes we resist ourself from starring chat window of that special person who hurted us. But we couldn’t help us.
    Anamika you did write that particular emotion beautifully. Your words really hit many hearts.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. पसन्द तो बहुत आया पर आपने मुझे सवालों से घेर दिया🤔

        Liked by 1 person

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