Raise your voice

While typing
on facebook,
her rebellious
she looked at the wall

finished her typing nervously
started pacing around in her
small yet cosy apartment,
it was the time her
husband will be back

Slowly, the familiar fear
enveloped her,
being around him was like
walking on eggshells,
after all, anything could
make him angry
sometimes even
her breathing annoys him,
as if her existence
was a burden for him to carry

She checked out her chores,
kitchen cleaned- checked
dinner ready- checked,
floor shining-checked

Her calculation was interrupted
as soon as the doorbell rang
she breathed in
tried to smile

Here he was,
bloodshed eyes
too much hatred on his
as if,
as if he borrowed it
from everyone he
crossed path with
on his way back home

he stood at the door
like that,
for a while

she looked at him
with her pale face
and fear in her heart

He pushed her away,
she followed him
I cooked your favourite
dish, she uttered

she tried to mend up
for the mistakes,
she didn’t even make

there was just silence
between the two
as he sat and she

He took the first bite and
you still, don’t know how to cook?

But I made it very carefully,
exactly the way you like

he threw away the plate
and slapped her hard
how dare you
talk back
all you have to do is
sit at home and cook
and that too you can’t do

She sat there numb,
with dry eyes
and a lump in her throat

while her facebook notification
200 people liked your post
raise your voice”

Domestic violence has always been a concern all over the world, but during the lockdown, number of such cases have spiked like never before.
If you observe or notice please try and help, I think fixing a code sign amongst women in society, amongst friends or anyone you can trust might help.
Keep the helpline numbers with you, fight back, raise your voice.

51 thoughts on “Raise your voice

  1. Ohh my dear this is so real…and really happening..my first book is about abuse and violence and i spoke to victims and survivors…there are a lot of reasons why victims chose to keep their silence and it breaks my heart to listen to their stories.
    And i hope that with more awareness like this one we can help eradicate the culture of abuse.

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    1. You are doing a great job, Mich, by writing about this.
      And the heartbreaking thing is, it’s a never-ending loop, I have so much to talk about this.Thank you for reading and writing about.
      Together, we can ❤

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  2. It is horrible to know that this is happening all over the world all the time. In this day and age, how is still going on? It is horrible to think of that trapped feeling the abused must feel. I don’t even know, nor do I try to say that I understand domestic violence.

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  3. An intense poem. The lines that most struck me:
    Here he was,
    bloodshed eyes
    too much hatred on his
    as if,
    as if he borrowed it
    from everyone he
    crossed path with
    on his way back home
    What an image that creates. Beautifully written and a heart-breaker.

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  4. Yeah, Anamika I witnessed many women who were victim of domestic violence.They continously put up with their husband’s behaviour. Somehow our society inbuilt this patriarchy firmly.Either men or women no one should violate their spouse.Everything will change when we started to raise our voice.

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    1. yes, men too are victims, no one deserves this.
      People get freeze and keep going back in lack of support or may be because they hope that things will change but the fact is they never do, it only get worse

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  5. The anticipation of what’s coming, as everything gets, build up, as this woman has, encountered the exact same situation from before, is what makes it even, more difficult to handle, when the abuse finally comes, and, sfterwards, he will, certainly apologize profusely, and, she’s bound to go soft, and that, would be, how and why, the vicious cycle us still, ongoing…

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    1. you got it right, the first reaction is denial, they are shocked, they think things will change nut it never does and something inside them die, even their voice. It’s heartbreaking to see even independent women not able to react. The physical abuse leave emotional trauma and abuse which is the hardest to deal with


      1. Wow this is such a powerful post, Anamikaa. You have portrayed the conflict and helplessness of victims of domestic abuse so well.
        These lines “she tried to mend up
        for the mistakes,
        she didn’t even make” are so painful.

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  6. Thank You, Mitty for liking them
    I try to write what bothers me.
    And you know what the most worrying thing is even the so-called educated and sophisticated men are involved in such heinous acts without any hesitation just because all this is normal for them and nothing unusual, for them it’s just a slap or bad behaviour but for victim, it’s a scar on her soul she can never forget.

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  7. Anamika I love all your posts related to society always. This made me to have respect on you.
    You came with the most forbidden topic today.
    Even the women from many places don’t raise their voice against domestic violence. They convinced them by accepting all pains silently.
    Atleast they should get some awareness that wives weren’t slaves for their husband to do all chores and to make them comfort.Let them raise their voice in future.

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      1. Yes, totally, once during my psychiatric ward postings, there comes one , domestic violence victim for past many years, she was so much traumatized and mentally disturbed, that we have to admit her treatment and when sir told her story, which she told with very difficulty was really heartbreaking, I can only say, they forget sometimes that women are humans too and women should also raise a voice. Thank you so much for putting it and creating awareness 😊

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  8. This poem is a beautiful message for the society against violence. After all, why should a woman live in fear because of her husband’s religion?This relationship has always been a reason for sacrifice for women, it is never right. Always been a curse for women freedom. Among men who behave in this manner, the count is only among cowards. I strongly condemn such behavior. Big support to this poem my friend. I would ask you to reblog your post if you permit me. 🙏

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    1. this is inspired from a friend’s story, I met her during my UPSC entrance exam last year.She is a strong independent lady and still she was the victim,it took time to process and accept the what was going on with her.
      Finally she is safe and fine now

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