You are the storm

Let them know,
you are not for everyone,
you will always be too much,
reckless and strong.

Let them know
you are the storm

you dance every time,
they ask you to sit down

and every time they
question your voice
expect you to keep quiet,
you scream
and shout
as loud as the
thunder strike,

you are the voice they
don’t want to hear
you are the change
they fear
they too know
you are reckless and strong

they know
you are the storm

35 thoughts on “You are the storm

  1. It is such an exhilarating message for young woman, why only young, but for the generations of woman to never bow down in front of a man, or any human being, and to always raise their voice against a patriarchal misogynist society that is bent upon suppressing a woman’s voice, for ages women has been taught to lower their voices to suit a male gaze, it’s time we change it, Yes you are the storm and the earth.

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  2. So finally I can make the comment as it is opened on the app now.

    I’ve already told you how beautiful storm this way. The way you’ve played with the rhymes are fantastic. You should write more of them.

    Loved it, Anamika. Keep writing.

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  3. This reminds me one of your own poems “dont come to me if you are lost”.. i dont remember where i read that.. probably insta..I really really loved reading that, so as this one too

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  4. Beautiful it is. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ§‘
    I would like to quote something, it reminds me one of my pieces,

    first they love the storm in you
    And then they leave you
    blaming that storm.


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