I am hurting again

I didn’t know,
where my uneasiness
was coming from,

I was having sleepless nights
for two days in a row.

I was going through
overwhelming suffocation
and a feeling of being helpless
as if someone needs me
and I am not able to be there.

this anxiety
didn’t seem to go away
I was choking on tears

I let my heart out
and cried for a while
without knowing the
I embraced that pain

Later that evening
got a message from someone,
I have always felt connected to

I never met her in person
but she feels like a sister
my heart fills with joy
when I see her smile

those messages were just
some broken words
all I could figure out
that she lost someone close

how did I expect
her tears wouldn’t make me cry

if her smile could
fill my heart with joy

how did I expect her tears
wouldn’t make me cry

I could sense her pain
even over the distance

I just hope
she gets through the loss
I know it’s easier said than done

While I am writing this
I am hurting again

58 thoughts on “I am hurting again

  1. I can understand your pain dear. Its unbearable to see our closedones to break down. At times the hard scars can soothes away by best companion. You will be that companion for her. Will get over soon.

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  2. You’ve beautifully captured the empathetic connection between two people here. This reminded me of how whenever a particular friend of mine is not well, I tend to feel disturbed too.

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