To my beautiful mommy

People tell me often
I smile beautiful
and I tell them,
it’s not even half as beautiful as my mum.

They ask me how do I love everyone around me so fiercely,
without any condition
I tell them I inherited it from my mum, caring and loving everyone around her, looking out for every possible person.

They tell me I have got a beautiful heart
and I tell them
Off course it is,
A goddess made it with her own flesh, bones and blood.

Thank you for making me so strong and always standing by my side,
supporting me even when certain things don’t make sense to you.

No words can ever justify
what a mother is
to her child,
still, I tried to weave some words
being your daughter, I feel so proud.
It’s an honour to inherit your beautiful heart and that innocent smile so divine which make any darkness shine.

Love you momy

forever your little girl

51 thoughts on “To my beautiful mommy

    1. This is amazing, I was writing something for you on insta and you were here, What a connection .
      And thank you so much 😘
      I am so glad to find you my soul sister 🤗❤


  1. Weaved your words so beautifully. We inherit most of the things from our mother. She is the person who made us and it’s perfect tribute for her. Your mom will be so proud of you always.

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  2. Touchy words from my favorite writer.. A great tribute to the mother on mother’s day..
    Once again u showed the power pen and words..
    Lots of love ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 3 people

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