How could I not fall in love with you?

What a miracle this human body is,
I have always been in awe of what our bodies are capable of,
especially a woman’s body,
so grateful and proud of this sacred vessel of my soul.

Every single inch of it,
for my heart, which started beating, when I was less than six months in my mother’s womb.
If I could see it as a person, I could have probably thanked it with tears streaming down my face for keeping me alive,

my brain, which helped me to learn, remember and think,  even when I didn’t know anything about it.
I am so grateful that it allows a lifetime of learning and experiences.

these eyes which show me this beautiful world.
thinking of these feet of mine which carry my whole body.

From the basic unit of my body to the outer layering, from the cell to the skin, every single part of this body is at work, constantly.
It heals automatically, fights against any foreign objects which could possibly be a threat to my health.

My body will not be at it’s best always but it will always try it’s best to keep me functioning well and that’s why I love it anyways.
It takes care of me even when sometimes I don’t.

Whenever you catch yourself thinking or feeling bad about your body, pause, change your thoughts consciously, caress the parts that trigger you, assure them that you love them anyway and if needed you will work for them to improve if needed.

It’s a two-way road, take care of your body and it will take care of you.
Never stop loving it, even when it’s not at it’s best.

Remember how fascinating this universe is, it provided us with everything earth could need, to nourish us.
Now, remember your body, it provides us with everything we need to stay alive and function, is it any less than a galaxy?
Admire your body the way you admire the universe.
Worship it, bow down to your body because it’s a temple regardless of how you look and who you are on the outside.

If you will be grateful to your body, you will be non-judgemental for others.

Our bodies are awe-inspiring, mine and your’s, we are amazing.
I respect mine and I respect yours for all the wonderful things it does for us.

Because while you are reading this, your body is probably at war against some possible fatal disease, conducting some chemical reaction so that you can breathe and stay alive.

If this is not magic, I don’t know what is.

And to my body,
how could I not fall in love with you?

29 thoughts on “How could I not fall in love with you?

  1. A beautiful dedication to the body. Great reminder of how marvellous our bodies are, the immense work they doin the background and the comforts they afford us. Well written with so much to teach and remind us. Thanks

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  2. Bonjour mon Amie
    Ce matin je passe sur ton blog avec
    Des paroles de douceur, qui en fera pour moi et toi des moments de bonheur
    Ce sont de simples écris et des mots trouvés, qui te mettra des étoiles dans les yeux
    Prenons ensemble le temps et la joie d avoir des matins heureux
    Qu’ils fait bon se réveiller au petit matin de suivre en joie son chemin
    D’avoir eu des rêves plein le cœur
    Ce matin pense à aimer et oublier , les blessures du passé
    Pense juste la magie de la beauté du jour d’avoir une belle vie pour toujours
    Je viens juste te souhaiter une bonne journée par ces quelques lignes
    Bisous avec toute mon amitié

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  3. This is a great reminder of how easily we lose perspective when things aren’t exactly how we would have them be. Our bodies were designed by an all-knowing Creator who knew exactly what organs, systems, and structures we would need in order to wake up each day and take each breath. Who are we (and who is anyone?) to discount the value of our bodies because they do not always look the way we would like? The beautiful intricacy of our own selves should drive us to thank our Maker and appreciate what He has given us– and to treat ourselves and others with the respect each is due.
    Lovely piece!

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    1. Loved your take, pretty much exactly how I feel and tried to conveyed.We discuss physical beauty but I see physical beauty isn’t even the question when we have the most miraculous system to keep us alive, to breathe, to think and feel.
      Pretty or not, we are divine and beautiful.
      You words means a lot, thank you ❤

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  4. Nice piece to read! Body..body…body…and mind…and soul..what a perfect scenario for wonderful start…for the beginning of a new inspired day…because what we think about all the day…makes all the difference in life…Thank you very much for sharing!🙏

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  5. This is amazing. If we give proper value to our body we can mstly reduce all complexes. And there will be no prejudices.self love is more important. Really it’s amazing work😊😊😊

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  6. This is such a profound form of poem you’ve expressed women with. As I’ve known you for years, there’s nothing new here for me, as you always know how to love yourself in the most beautiful way. And your words have that reality.

    Women are indeed the best source of love and this is such an empowering post to read, Anamika.

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