No more fear only faith.

Starting all over again have never been easy.
No one said ever to you that it’s going to be easy but you know what, it’s going to be worth it .

Trust me .

You will not be able to put your foot forward as if you are glued to your current situation, you may have almost given up and accepted it as your destiny but no you don’t want that, right??

And that’s the reason you are still thinking about starting over,about a change.

And this mere thought is so damn powerful that it can turn your life exactly the way you want .

That anxiousness, is not a bad thing, it’s realization that you want more from life, from yourself .

But don’t let it play negative, make it your strength.

Coz it is the proof that you still have that zeal, that enthusiasm, that power within you.

It always was there, you just forgot about it.

And today I am here to remind you.

That you can do whatever you want doesn’t matter how many times you failed.

Doesn’t matter what you have been through or who is not believing in you.

You know, you are here for your reasons, you know you are capable of everything you have ever dreamt of.

And that pause is not going to stop you anyway rather it’s a push , a catalyst to achieve your dreams with so much more and passion.

Haven’t you seen a lion, it step back just to jump higher.

You stepped back, you took a pause but you are never going to stop .

And that’s a promise you need to make yourself , that’s a commitment, you owe to yourself.

When you stopped, took a break, it was needed so don’t regret.

That doesn’t mean you cannot start all over again.

And it’s not too late, it’s never too late.

Do it again whatever it is.

And don’t think about how you stopped doing what you loved doing just think how you gonna start once again and remember how much you loved doing that .

First step will be the hardest, stepping out will be the hardest but then you will be all set to take your jump don’t let yourself stop with that little bump .

It was just part of journey, accept it, take it and make it something that that gives you strength.

No more fear only faith .

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