Stars and universe

Over ambitious ,under ambitious ,these concepts doesn’t exist.

Ambition is a relative term.

Success is a relative term.

Everyone have their own definition of success and ambition.

Just because someone wants to make it under 30 list of Forbes doesn’t mean he is over-ambitious .

Just because someone doesn’t have a plan to come in the under 30 list of Forbes doesn’t mean they are not ambitious.

We can not define someone else’s success or ambitions .

They have their own definition ,we can’t decide someone’s “cool” not everyone love to pack bags and have a road trip.

We can’t tell someone that they are not adults just because they refuse drinks you offered.

Their “high” may be something else .

We all have our very own definition of life,ambitions, success and happiness.

Can we please stop judging people ?

And we ourselves need to find our own “things”don’t pack your bags if all you want to do is stay back and finish your reads or have a movie marathon.

Go for that cliche average job if that’s what makes you happy.

Don’t go under pressure of being an entrepreneur when all you want to have a 9 to 5 job and a peaceful evening with your family.

Stay single if you want,get married if you plan to .

Don’t consider yourself a fool just because you still believe in marriage vows .

If someone doesn’t ,they have their reasons .

Let things be ,let people be their own real self.

Don’t put them under pressure for having “passion”, “ambition”and having a “life” .

We need to stop stereotyping and defining “cool”or having a life .

We all have our very own ” cool” ,we all have our very own” life”

Doesn’t matter how average or common you think you are ,you aren’t .

You aren’t the one who doesn’t have a goal or ambition.

It’s not a crime to desire a simple ,normal and average life.

Just because you don’t aim those stars doesn’t mean you aren’t a universe in yourself.

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