The woman of your dreams

Listen little girl,

Be the woman of your dreams.

 Before finding and struggling and choking on the expectations of the society to get yourself the man of your dreams.

The woman who is enough and can control her own life .

The woman who loves being loved but hate being caged in the name of that love or affection.

The woman who knows what kind of life she wants .

The woman who invest her time and energy in building herself up rather than running around or chasing around the right guy ,who isn’t even round the corner coz if he would have been the right guy ,you didn’t have to chase him down.

No it’s not your fault to get trapped and fooled by all those sweet talkings and all those sweet nothings ,we all are guilty as hell for that .

You know why coz your soft ,innocent heart fail miserably to recognize the faces behind those innocent eyes.

Coz the goodness in you always compell you to see just the goodness in others.

It’s okay sweet girl, happens ,happens with all of us .

And that’s okay as long as you are ready to take your magic back.

No matter how slow you are ,just keep going.

Problem have never been you ,it’s all that crap fed into your head .

The bullshit that teaches you since you were a kid .

That story of a prince  on a white horse.

Remember girl,you aren’t a princess waiting for a prince to save her.

You are a princess who is a warrior who saves other .

Go on ,

Conquer the world  .

Coz in the end what’s matters the most is how content you lived your life with or without a love story ,with or without a man .

But you will always have this woman with you ,the one who stare back at you in the mirror .

You gotta live with her all your life .

Remember to make her the woman of your dreams ,baby girl.

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