Does it happens to you too??

Have you ever felt lost??

Lost somewhere you have no idea about.

It’s like staring into a blank space and not even realizing it .

Feeling disinterested and demotivated in all the things you enjoyed doing including your passion .

No it’s not just a plain laziness ,

coz laziness is a choice sometimes we make deliberately but this feeling, it’s horrible .

You desperately want to get back to normal.

You want to find the same joy in doing things you loved doing.

But you just can’t .

Nothing makes you happy ,nothing makes you feel excited.

You almost react in a similar way ,weather it’s a happy moment or sad.

Weather you successfully accomplished your project or finally asked for a date that too by your long term crush.

What’s this hollowness is about??

Where does this emptiness came from?

You wonder why don’t you like to do  things ,you loved doing the most.

You just have no idea what’s going on and how to fix it up.

You suddenly feels the urge to stay away from all the social gatherings.

You don’t want to talk or attend calls.

Trying to figure out what just happens to you all of a sudden .

What made you so miserable that too without any reason ??

You the one who got over from severe heartbreak to  lost contacts with your best friend.

You who always managed to stay alone in big bad world and who can manage things on her own.

And nothing made her so hollow.

What happend that you just don’t even feel like stepping down your stairs?
Can you help me find the answers ???

Not for me but thousands out there dealing with similar emotions ,struggling to breathe and do even normal chores of their life like going to work .Or having a meal 

Let’s find an answer together.

Much love 


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