Hello everyone 

Since last few days my fb news feed have been flooding with people posting the messages they have been receiving on

So I researched a bit about this crazy but interesting app.

Sarahah is an app through which people can send an receive honest feedback as it doesn’t reveal your identity .

Thus giving you full freedom over your opinion without having fear of offending someone .

So what we need to do is register on and share the profile through your Facebook account,Instagram, wattsup and receive feedback for yourself and even you can send feedback to someone as anonymous.

Isn’t that interesting??

Benefits of using 

  •  Well we all know how badly we want to hear about our work .
  • How we are doing and what else we can do to improve ourselves ,do this is the great platform to receive and give honest feedback without holding yourself back .
  • .Personally it’s a great way to confess or share things ,you never thought you could tell them on face.

What I feel is ,it’s worth giving a try.

So here is mine account ,would love to hear honest feedbacks about me or my work .

Drop on and will do the same .

Let me know yours in comment section.

It’s going to be really fun.

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  1. I had been coming across this name so many a times that I was adamant to get my questions answered of what this whole hype is all about; but clearly I didn’t check and kept on postponing.😄
    Now I got to know. Thanks, Anamika, for sharing.

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