Let love live

There is so much hatred spread in the world.

Love started to cease at a faster pace.
And all we can do is be a part of the world that’s seem so loveless and cynical at times.
So, if we won’t preserve love in the verses we wrote and the poetry we recite.
If we won’t save the flickering feelings in our heart .
How would our kids would know there used to be a thing called love.
Before the time we were spoilt and overwhelmed by  the choices.
Before the time ,when “no strings attached” concept existed.
Before the time when leaving is always an option.
How would they know we are so much capable of  loving and sticking together .
And it’s not something rare.

Save love before it becomes story in the books of history.

Save love before only we can feel it is in a poetry.

Let the world be a place where love lives

and not cease to exist.


14 thoughts on “Let love live

  1. Dear Unsaid words,

    I was using the wordpress blog so far. and was getting all your posts reported. Now I have changed over to mikerana.com. It is a blog made using the wordpress. I would not like to lose your connection.

    Please visit this log and connect. And tell me if you have any difficulty.

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