When you see a new mom

Dedicated to all the new  Mothers in the world 

And when you see a new mom
Don’t just offer her your seat

Pass a smile too.

She have been cranky lately

And craved an adult interaction even if it just a smile.

And when you meet a new mom

Don’t expect her to entertain you and keep talking and laughing since you met after such a long time.

Rather ask her ,how can you help to get her deprived sleep.

Most probably she won’t like to hand over her little one.

Offer her to do laundry Instead.

And if nothing ,make a cup of tea for both of you .

Don’t talk just listen ,what she have got to say.

Let her try to explain the mixed emotions she is going through .

The  abundance of blessings and  sense of loosening herself both at a time.

Transformation from an individual to a mother is how overwhelming yet how fulfilling.

How she wanted to drench herself into the rain but the baby catching cold ,mattered more.

How she calmed down the little girl inside her and  thought about the one she just held a bit more close.

How every single piece of cloth she own doesn’t fit her  anynmore yet she is the most beautiful woman on this earth for her baby.

She is the most gorgeous thing on this earth with all her messy hair and a messy home.

She is beautiful ,she is incredible and she is learning.

Tell her to be patient with herself 

She will always be best for her kid.

Tell her ,she needs not to beat herself to stay up to the mark ,to become a supermom.

She already is ,she always be.

Mean while tell her to  take a nap .

That’s the most important thing she have been lacking .

You could be her neighbour ,a sister ,mother or mother in law.Her husband or just a stranger waking across the street.

If there is nothing you can do 

Don’t forget to give her a warm and proud smile.

Let her know we are proud of her.

Making babies  is nothing less than a superpower.

And she is a superwoman.

38 thoughts on “When you see a new mom

  1. Yes!! This resonates with me so much! Thank you so much for this!
    My favorite vibe I get from this poem is that it performs motherhood in itself, in addition to being about motherhood. It gave me so much life! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

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