Traditional publishing houses vs voice verso

Few days ago ,I was scrolling through my facebook feed  and came across a story offellow blogger  who have published through a medium called voice verso .com.

What is Voice

Voice verso is DIY book publishing and selling  platform for writers .
It helps them to write and share their work .

It’s like a complete solution for all your publishing agony.

How did it came into existence??

Mohak Bhambry, an engineer dreamt in his college days to be a published author.
Like any other aspiring writer ,he too started sensing out his samples and manuscript to the publisheing houses.

And the challenges being faced by him as an aspiring writing provoked him to come up with this innovative idea.

Which come up as a complete solution for long ,tiring procedure  of old traditional publishing method.

Their motto is to 

 Make publishing Hassel free and creative giving a writer fully control over the publishing too.

Being a Curious person I am ,I too tried this incredible platform .

The experience was so smooth and amazing .Plus I could have access of all my write ups in the form of a book .

I thought of sharing it with you guys after all it’s something we bloggers need the most.

  • It comes with an intresting feature of book writing canvas which is exclusive drag and drop flipbook based canvas.It gives you a natural book visual idea which you can personalize according to your requirement.
  • Other plus point of having this canvas is that editors and reviewers can interact with your book  merely by flipping pages.
  • Isn’t that just amazing and totally Hassel free ,u like those MS word write where you have to go hell lot of repetitive process of finding errors on a specific page ,and then finding that paragraph and finally the line which you need to edit.
  • Not even issues for typesetting & white spaces , paragraph alignments.

Imagine how great it would be to see your contents already in the form of a book from the very beginning.

  • It’s interactive flip pages enable us to write pages by pages actually  writing experience .

These are more than enough reasons to use writing canvas tool of voice instead of  MS word.

  • All our contents are compiled at one place that too in a form of book.
  • And one of our  biggest concern as a writer and bloggers are ,are our content safe on the web??
  • Here voice verso gives you copyright on your E-book content.
  • It’s lije you are creating your E-book while litreally writing into  and then  sell them through various    E-commerce websites.

Thus making the whole reading,writing ,editing and publishing experience simple and easy without compromising on the quality of your content.

Here is a link which guides you how to use voice verso .

Check it out and live your dream of being published along with writing your blogs .

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