Look matters only until you know a person.

You see their perfect smile.

Their soothing voice calm down the chaos in your mind.

And their lovely face you want to keep staring at ,all night. 

Yeah! happened to me too.

We all have been with someone at a point or other who seem to be perfect in their own ways for us.

But when we start getting close to them.

When we let their charm swoon us and make us fall in love head over heels.

They start getting anxious and flinch away when things get real.

Ignorance of calls and texts are their way of letting you know that they are not into you as much as you are into them.

It hurts beyond words .

It kills you very single time you check your phone only to know they haven’t texted you back.

You sudden feel you have done something wrong ,start justifying their actions.

And one day you will finally accept the fact that they are gone long before you could realize and know that what they are trying to do.

And then their lovely faces and sweet words won’t do any good to you.

You will  try to remind d their voice and beautiful face but all you can feel is the pangs of pain they gave you.

41 thoughts on “Look matters only until you know a person.

          1. Oh really I am so sorry I missed you …I generally don’t accept unfamiliar names, maybe that’s why. Can you please leave a comment there on one of my posts on fb to be able to identify you as Unsaid Words?

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  1. So true…I love the way you’ve depicted the distancing that is followed by the understanding of a person’s limited role in your life….disappointing, but–in time–for the best….thanks for sharing this wonderful post πŸ™‚

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