Let’s lean in together

Here’s to the people who just left
Here’s to the ones who stayed

Here’s to the tears we all shed

Here’s to the moments when we smiled

Here’s to the spirit that don’t judge

Here’s to the mascara that won’t smudge

Here’s to the power we all hold

Here’s to the goodness

We  have never been told

Here’s to girls that do break

Yes to the girl who don’t let  that shake her.

Here’s to the girls 

Who stand for each other

Here’s to the dream

Of better future

Here’s to the world 

We wanna give to our daughters

Here’s to the men

We gonna raise,who will know

women are the beings 

they need to equally treat.

Here’s to the dream 

We weave together

Yes! We will make 

A better world together

A world that will not judge

That will not accomodate dreams

On the basis of the gender

Neither on the caste,creed or colour

We all are humans

That’s all which matters 

This is for the women who stand together

Across the globe and the streets

To the women who is there for each other

And thus we have a huge power

To change the world 

Let’s lean in together.

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