There are people ,no matter what you do,

it’s never  going to be enough for them..but that is because they aren’t meant for you.

I know how it feel when you keep streching yourselves so much that your ribs seem to be breaking .

 You try to fit into their prespective ,you want them to b happy with you and for that you try to strech or sqeeze yourself whatever seems to be appealing for them

Whatever will make them realize that you are their worth their time and attention.

That your attempts need to b noticed ,that your efforts of trying to keep them happy with yourself should be appreciated and recognized or atleast make an impact.

Yet you are sitting here at cold floor 

and can feel the coldness travelling to your skin, so cold that you begin to shiver.

And one fine day ,their timeline indicates that they  are with someone who might be everything u never could and u never would be.

you feel yourself so inadequate and miserable.

You start cursing urself for nt being enough.

That coldnes now reached to your heart and became a  pang , a sting that still pains .

And you wonder why it all happened in the first place why you couldn’t be enough for them inspite of all your hit and trial.

And why you always were a miss .

That’s  because my love they were not worth your time and efforts. Because they never had the heart to sync with yours.

Because you always were more than enough .

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22 thoughts on “Enough

  1. Your posts are so real…. So practical… And I hope I am wrong but I feel a deep pain in your heart… A wound which hasn’t healed yet… If this is so.. Don’t worry love.. Everything will be fine.

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  2. So true.. we cannot always force people to feel the same way we feel about them. But it is fully in our hands to realise who such people are and then let go of them and move on instead of just running behind them

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