3 am thoughts

You are alone with  your 3 am thoughts??
Memories are haunting you?

No one to talk to??

Worries of future is making you anixious??

The one who left, are the one you missing the most?

Oh yes ,how to forget those old conversation ,

they are always there to break your heart 

Feeling unloved,unworthy,direction less??

What you are up to?

What you want to do?

What you are doing?

Feeling useless ??

All those forgotten moments,words have become a monster,the huge one.

And scarring the hell out of you.

But you know what ,dawn is just few hours away.

Don’t  ever forget that.

Soon,very soon the sunlight will strike your window and fill you with new hopes.

So smile ,smile because you survived one more single lonely haunting night.

Where your own.thoughts and emotions are the ghosts and nightmares.

Smile because you did it .

And will welcome the morning sun with same enthusiasm.

Now know that you are brave.

Repeat with me you are brave and strong and anything you ever need to be.

“You are enough”

You are really are.

And you can deal with anything because you just survived your 3 am breakdown completely on your own.

26 thoughts on “3 am thoughts

  1. Hi, what an amazing post! This line ““You are enough”

    You are really are” is so great 🙂 I have just hit 100 followers, and you are one of those, so just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU!! Your support means a lot, the book is coming along and I am still trying to build a web presence, so you following me means the world 🙂 Thanks again, and hope to hear more from you in the future!

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