Trust his way And he will make you strong enough to fly

Keep moving forward

Even if you have to crawl

No matter if you are big or small

I too was just a caterpillar

Born with wings;

Totally unaware,until got my beautiful yellow dress

If all you can see is darkness

You never know ,it might be the end of tunnel.

And you might be ready to fly

But you won’t be aware until you try

Remember once a caterpillar is now a butterfly

10 thoughts on “ wings

  1. il tell you what the real problem is . not just in india , u take any part of the world, we see our parents being protective and care about your safety because the the situation below:
    every girl these days think do not restrict our freedom but ask a man to behave well , teach a kid(boy) to behave well which is good but what will you tell man who is already spoilt , grown ,and has a corrupt mind and intention .. our parents cannot change them , advise them. only thing they can do is ask for their own child to be extra careful..


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