Was it really my fault 

Asked the short  

                  No it happened with me too 

                       Replied the Burqa

Dear Indian men ,You might not be  the one gropping us  around.

Ok ,I will listen and believe you that you are not   the one  amongst those whose eyes becomes X -ray machine trying to peep through the clothes weather it’s a burqa ,salwaar -kameez  or short skirt.

I am getting you when you said  you feel  guilty and ashamed.

I get it when you say you aren’t the part of  society which keep indulging in any type of such henious crimes against women.

But still ,we all women have faced this at some point .

And if you aren’t the one who does this ,please be the one who prevents this.

Have courage to take responsibility.

P.S : Opening lines aren’t mine, I read it from somewhere in the form of image .But from last few days I am not able upload images ,so had to write those lines.

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