Let’s talk

Before the  year ends 
Let’s do one last thing 🙂

Pick that phone and call that one person ,you could’nt talk this year too.

Yeah! the same whom you thought of contacting at the Beigining of this year which is going to last tomorrow.

But this year too only increased the gap between you and them instead of  bridging it over.

We keep doing it all the time ,keep working ,keep moving with the hustles and bustles of life so much that we often forget those whom we  had in the beginning ,in the middle or  even all along our journey but still looses them.

They might be sitting beside you but still ,it might have been a long while since you guys had a soulful talk.

The kind of talk ,you often miss but shrug off your shoulders and get on with life.

The kind of talk which always make you feel thank God I have him / her by my side.

The kind of talk  which makes you laugh until your stomach aches .

The kind of talk during which couldn’t hold back your tears.

Because in a long time ,you didn’t need to .

Because you can be you with them.

They can be anyone from your spouse to your parents .

May be your cousin or the best friend you lost touch.

They might be sitting beside you or might be across the seven seas in completely different time zone or continent.

It doesn’t matter as long as you can turn around or pick that phone to dial the number.

So stop reading now and go dial that number or may be look beside :D.

Good luck ,have fun 🙂

18 thoughts on “Let’s talk

  1. Great post. Have had time this year while recuperating to drop a line to various people. I get only a few back. I realize they are a busy as I was. Your post is a suggestion to look for other ways to renew contact with busy people. I have shown up on the job site to affirm someone but one needs to know if the pace of the job or time of day is appropriate.

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    1. Yeah ! that’s true 🙂 .It’s good to know that you played your part even if you are not being reciprocated ,you still did he thing worth appreciating .Atleast we have one less thing to ponder upon “oh! I wish I would have done that 🙂
      Isn’t it??

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