​  they say hope is something  that must be alive ,it gives you strength.

But sometimes being strong is we need to stoping hoping and let go.

Sometimes hope needs to die for a new beginning.

 loosing hope is not a sign of weakness always.

50 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Hello! Intriguing post on “hope!” The theme on my blog this week is “hope,” and your post was the the third hit on WordPress Reader when I searched the term “hope.” This makes your post #3 on my Top 5 Trending Tuesday post! Congratulations!

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  2. Aptly said, Anamika. Sometimes, we need to give up on hope for a new beginning. That’s a beautiful perspective you have portrayed and I loved the picture too. God bless….


  3. i love this. you are absolutely right about losing hope not being a sign of weakness. added to your view, i see it as recalibrating the options to have a different go at hope. for, when you think about it, it is the prevailing circumstances and variables that change, not hope. brilliant post.

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