It’s been a while

It all became a pile

Of rubbles and dead bodies

Somewhere dark in the night

In the silence that fright

There might be someone alive

But do they matter?

If they would have

Nothing would have shattered

They say UN couldn’t save them

They say US couldn’t save them

I ask you one thing 

Was it 3 year old Emmad or

His little brother Walid

Responsible for everything ;


I ask you for what they paid

The price of even their whatsoever left normal life??

The deadly silence after storm will follow them lifelong

Even if they are saved ,they feel nothing more than the remains of the buildings,lives,cultures that couldn’t survive.

They might get shelter but can’t call it their home .

In admist of all the chaos ,I just want to repeat let’s not the humanity defeat.

I have been trying to gather courage and words to write about it from last three days but deep down inside we all know no mourn ,no words,no tribute,no help can  fix things up.

Some damages are beyond repair.

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