Dream again

The day we come into our senses ,we start  dreaming .

Dreams that make us alive ,dreams that make us realize that we have a purpose to live .

We have something to look forward every single day .

We stay awake till wee hours working on our dreams,sometimes dreaming about  achieving our dreams .

But what if that dreams shattered into million pieces??

What if  the door just don’t seem to open ,even after knocking number of times???

What if we have to change our path that lead to our destination??

May be that door is not for us ,may be just may be we have a different purpose.

I know how it feels ,we die inside a little.

Our heart breaks silently ,and we are completely clueless ,now what ,what we are supposed to do ??

This is it??

No sweetheart ,never .

We can always dream again ,always and it’s never ever too late .

So cry ,scream what you feel like .But finish it up soon because you have to get up and dream again.


Dreams do break 

But does that mean?

We can not dream again

Dream shattered into million pieces

Make you to hold on to just ashes

Of the remains of those dream

The dreams which were the sparkle of your eyes

The reason of your smile

What if they do break

Making you completely clueless

Don’t sit there helpless

Get up and dream again

Go on ,dream again

72 thoughts on “Dream again

    1. Thank you so very much ,you made my day.Everything I write is entirely based on my experiences ,interactions eith life and then my amazing fellow bloggers like you trigger my thoughts .It’s little bit of everything and people like you is an inspiration πŸ™‚

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  1. Simple wow .. very well penned , expressed and motivating.. loved the line scream cry or whatever you like just end it to dream again .. ” wow ” where do you get such lines from ?


  2. This touched me in so many ways. You’re right, we do die inside, but I feel like I’m dying inside on a daily basis 😦


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