It’s reality not a fiction


He Couldn’t  hold back his emotions 

It was reality not a fiction 

Got know his friend was raped

whom they dropped near her home Just a few hours ago

There was just a street to walk,
Who knew that  street could
Become a bridge which can never fill the gap
between her present and past

His mind was blank out,           Too numb to react                        He blamed himself                     for what was not his fault   

 He didn’t have the strength        To face her parents

they  just  planned  birhday party for her
Who knew it will become a nightmare
For all of them,
till they will live
he wiped away his tears

And went straight away to the hospital
Where he saw the most helpless beings
They were  her parents
he walked to the icu where
She was lying
Slowly  she was dying

bandages were wrapped around her body which may heal her wounds
But what about the scars ,her heart will lifetime hold

Her pink dress was mocking him ,
Drenched in blood and dirt

He clenched his fists
To control anger
His eyes showed
red thread of danger
No now they can’t wait
till it happens to other
He messeged everybody he knew

For all the justice that was due
For all the unheard voices
For all those silent screams
For every closed file
 just to save family pride
that day the rain was pouring out

 May be the sky too was crying loud
They made a human chain holding each other’s hand
As if they were passing courage and strength

May be the justice was far away
But this time
They aren’t gonna hold back
They gonna preserve all the anger
And feeling of disgust
Until  will get an answer
for those monster’s unquenched thirst

It’s   our fault too
 which we keep repeating
When such a news comes
We start channel surfing
We look away from all the pain Our heart feels
For that girl who may never heal   
We consider the reality a fiction  Until it happens to one of the close ones
Stop taking it as just a news
Its a reality not a fiction
And our responsibility huge
Atleast play your part
Before the faith in humanity
Starts falling apart

64 thoughts on “It’s reality not a fiction

    1. That’s so true ,the least we can do is take a stand when someone infront if us is tarnishing that girl’s character inspite of being empathetic.Thanks a lot for reading πŸ™‚ and trust me we are nit helpless we all can play our part no matter how small it is ,it matters πŸ™‚

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  1. It moved me dear. What can I say.. Most painful thing that can happen to anybody. For just a physical desire of some goons a life of a women is spoiled … Its excruciatingly painful even to imagine the pain she undergoes .
    Yes it is out moral and social responsibility to voice our opinion and provide justice to victim in a way we can ..
    I’m with u in this . I don’t support inhuman act.
    Oh BTW 50th comment is mine .


  2. Speechless after reading it…we can actually erase this crime from our society if some solid punishment is fixed by law of this country! If capital punishment is allowed for rapist and that too quickly. This is the only solution.

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      1. So true! I wrote a poem in hindi after Nirbhya case but even reading it makes me shiver. So I never posted it anywhere. Imagine when we feel uncomfortable only reading such words…then how are those girls living with that reality…
        But this should be changed, our society needs to change…
        I appreciate your efforts to start such awareness by your writing!! Bravo!!


  3. Powerful Words Girl. So Right you are. Today People are more concerned in “Spreading the news and making it Viral” , rather than looking into the person’s torn life and helping them repair their lives.
    News and Videos are so easily shared, like Fiction stories on the Web
    When will we touch each other, with tender words and actions,
    instead of mindless postings.

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    1. Thanks a lot dear ,yes I know ratger than standing each other ,standing for each other we start judging the victim for what was not her fault.
      When such a news spread all we can talk about is ,why that girl was out for that late ,why was she with her guy friends.
      Good girls aren’t like this ,all the shit starts getting trending and talk of the day.
      The victim’s life post that unfortunate incident becomes hell ,rather than encouraging her to forget things we keep reminding things in a way or other.

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  4. Its so painful. Frankly speaking my eyes got watery while reading this poem. You have given a strong message of social responsibility which everyone forgets in such circumstances. An alarming poem. Well written. πŸ™‚

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    1. My heart and soul goes out with you and you are a warrior.
      Fighting back all the trauma post that unfortunate incident is hell lot of bravery .
      I am falling short of words because nothing can lessen your pain still my prayers are with you .
      Stay blessed

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  5. If we want to bring the change- “we should start from ourself” first.

    We cant change everyone and everyone’s thought – but we can be responsible for what we do and what we think !!

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  6. A very thoughtful and provocative write-up. What we forget is this “Yes, this is repeating” and we still haven’t taken a strong stand! Our voices are unheard and we’ve just let that be a normal news of our daily routine whereas this should be the most horrible shock.
    More power to your words.

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  7. So true how we must keep our charades, our routines, believe that our world is unaffected, uninfluenced by the heart of man. Unvisited, not us, it’s just for next door. Stay away from my door.

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