Hello everyone ,today I am not going to publish any post

I just want to express  my gratitude ,my love ,immense affection and respect for

all beautiful ,amazing fellow bloggers.

I never ever thought that I can come such a long a way ,i have never thought even in my dreams that i could write  .


when I was younger ,I always used to wonder “everyone have some talents,what is mine” and never found my answer until one day flipping through my old diary just decided to put it out there  and hence this blog came into existence.

I was scared,hesitant,vulnerable in the begning but I was overwhelmed at the way you guys welcomed me ,supported and encouraged me.

thank you for making me feel at home ,thank you for being part of my life and letting me be the part of your lives .

I  am so grateful to all of you for making me so comfortable and confident about my vulnerablities,my insecurities .

THANK YOU for reading ,my views ,thoughts and feelings.

Thank you for correcting me when I am wrong.

this is the place i saw “coexistence”in a real way .

This is the place I can be myself and still not be judged

whenever i feel unworthy and unloved ,i read your comments and realize that I am not that useless.



YOU GUYS ARE AN INCREDIBLE PART OF LIFE NOW .(capitals are being used deliberately :):) ,i hope you guys know why)

lots n lots of love




55 thoughts on “THANK YOU

  1. You write from the heart. That communicates better than ‘perfect’ writing. When you write from the heart you become a blessing to others, giving expression to thoughts and feels that others having managed to put into words.

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    1. Hey thanks a lot and I too have thought in a similar way to pacify myself after being criticized for not having perfect writing few times.
      This is one of the best compliment ,I ever get .Thank yoi for understanding my forte 🙂


  2. I’m always reminded of the substance of the Blogging world. Of course it is done by folk, especially like you. The empowerment, the healing, taken from the platform of Blogging. I’m reminded from time to time of this. I admire such sharing. Such dialog.
    The first, second, and third time I set out to blog, there it was, my blog. What to say. What to blog.
    I disinterred old pieces and C/P’d them. But this after two months of no activity what soever.
    Yes, haunted by “perfection” , assessment, is why it took two months in every case.
    The structure of life. But the blog awaits. What shall we say…..
    This, what you write here is so heartfelt. Bless you.


  3. It’s so sweet of you to write this. Thanks Anamika.
    From my perspective, I want to thank you for sharing. It’s great to read your work. Looking forward to much more 🙂

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