Don’t look back girl 

You have come a long way  

you are having another day 

the sunlight sip in your room 

 through the craks of your window

Making you to believe that 

 you too will shine

That ray of hopes will sip in 

Through the cracks of your broken heart

the chirping bird 

Is here to inspire you 

To breakfree and fly 

To sing the song your heart desires

 let your heart feel the joy 

of just living another day 
Don’t hesitate  ,Don’t rush 

Just keep calm and blush 

When you stare at 

the girl in the mirror

And see the beauty you admire

Yes  admire your own beauty

You don’t need

anyone else to do that

Throw away that paper

You filled for him 

with feelings so deeper

Let you be the one your poem talks about 

Do what you feel like 

Just don’t look back 

  he was too blind 

to see your beauty 

Let him go

Holding on was not only your duty

So what if he doesn’t care

You are the one who dare

To not give a damn 

About the guy 

Who couldn’t handle your charm

For him your love was

 a shackle holding him back 

So now you too 

Just don’t look back Girl

41 thoughts on “Don’t look back girl 

  1. Again, beautiful….such an uplifting read, empowerment is an amazing thing…it is so great to know that you are appreciative of who you are….we are in danger of losing ourselves when we allow another to define our worth…thank you for sharing your journey 🙂

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