Sapno ko tutne ki aadat…..

Masoom Dil ki mere
khwahish to bohot hain 

Lekin ye soch kar

tham jati hu main   

Saham jati  hu main 

Ki mere sapno ko

tutne ki adat bohot hain  

Jee to chahta hain 

daud kar tumhe gale lga lu 

Lekin apna bnane se darti hu 

Ki mere apno ko 

ruthne ki adat bohot hain

Haan ! mere sapno ko tutne ki adat bohot hain

P. S  my first attempt at hindi poetry,though I am using english words only to avoid numerous  mistakes.

Hope you guys enjoy it ,would love to hear your thoughts.

with love 


57 thoughts on “Sapno ko tutne ki aadat…..

  1. your first attempt is great…believe if a person can write so creatively in eng she can write in any language….one advice pls use hindi words for hindi poems…it will add more beauty to it…u have mentioned that you didn’t use hindi because u might end up making mistakes…but my dear, its okay to make mistakes.afterall its your first attempt and if u try,u will improve n then u will no longer make mistakes…i have personal experience.i too am very weak in hindi…but i am improving…even i have just recently started writing in hindi….so it worked for me..hope it works out for u too….good luck!!

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    1. Thanks a lot priya ,I will definitely try to use hindi words 🙂 ,its just I was scared of typing mistakes i would while using hindi but you truly said .If we will not make mistake ,we will not improve 🙂 🙂

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  2. टुटने की नहीं, जुड़ने की सोचो,
    जो सपने देखे हैं, वो सपने पूरा करने की सोचो,
    सपने देखते तो कभी हैं, उन सपनों को जिंदा करना भी सीखो….!!!!

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