Listen to my silence

​Hear me when I am talking

Before you need to 

Hold me when I am shaking

Because of the tears which are

Accumulated in my eyes 

filled up to the brim 

So that they cannot flow 

And reach down to my lips

the eyes won’t be able to  hold them Anymore

They will  just  then break the closed door 

 And gasp I hold  as to take that missed breath

Before this happens 

Come sit with me

And listen to 

the words that I say 

Some you have heard 

Already a hundred times

Some I hold back to say

There are million things

 running in my mind 

Sometimes I expect

you to understand 

On your own 

I know sometimes 
I act so silly

I stay silent 

And want you to listen

All that I cannot say

So come sit

Hear my words and

 listen to my silence

49 thoughts on “Listen to my silence

  1. I think that your final line, “Hear my words and listen to my silence” is one of the most lovely and true things I have ever read. It captures my truth that there is almost always a silent iceberg beneath the words I am able to get out when I are overwhelmed and vulnerable. The ability to both hear what is said and understand the depth of everything I am not yet able to speak is always the challenge for those who care about me. Thank you for capturing that nuance and tension so beautifully.

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  2. and when
    we couldn’t
    our silences spoke.
    our hearts,
    into beats of love.

    beautiful poem…….loved it!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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