It will only get better 

​Her own people were consuming her heart  ,mind and soul by pushing her down. 

And making her feel like a clown

by telling her  

she is not worth  the appreciation 

She is insane

Her efforts are going into vain

that  she is  not enough 

That she can’t do this and that  

She chooses to stay mum 

not beacause she doesn’t have a voice to oppose 

to confront and look into the eyes

 and say who are you to tell me

 what should I want 

what should I do

What I can’t and what can I do

why can’t you just keep quite

If you have nothing good to say .

if words of encouragement and appreciation 

are that hard to escape 

from your mouth  

critisicim is so naturally

 coming out 

making me feel  that I am not good enough 

and giving that expression what have you done

Just to satisfy  your insecurities 

To get that peace ,

you get from pulling me down

To make yourself believe that there is someone who is not as good as you are 

But let me tell you one thing

I am not here to compete

then why are you making me feel like a fool for my efforts 

really?? does that make  me a fool ??
Trying again and again 

Without thinking about the consequence??

But she burried all those questions

she chooses to reply with her actions

You know what she believes in??

 She believes in sitting down and helping someone to get on their feet ,even if  she can’t walk properly .

She  believes that someone 

improves better and by double pace when you encourage them even for their not so perfect and polished work

When you help them to believe that they are doing their best and that things only get better with time.

She believes that for herself too

To pick herself up

To brush that dirt off

And try again 

until  she succeed

To tell herself that she is  going to get better at whatever she   chooses to do

she will keep doing it no matter how tough it turns out to be ,its going to get better only.

67 thoughts on “It will only get better 

      1. That’s true. You’d hope that they’d be right there supporting you, but that’s not always the case. To get where you want to go, you’ve got to ignore those naysayers and believe in yourself. It’s your life, not theirs. Thanks again!


  1. Wow!! Very inspiring. . Love the flow of words too. . it’s better to help someone rather than pushing down someone. Life is beautiful only when we all grow as humanity together. Nice post.

    Good evening. . 🙂

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  2. The best I read today. Someone said pick up the stones thrown by the critics and build a monument. It takes character to encourage and appreciate for there are many to mock and criticize but then there will ne haters and u will have to forge ahead besides this

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    1. Hey thanks a lot dear ,it’s not about the people who genuinely gives you constructive criticism rather its about them whose intention is making you feel down .No matter how hard you try they will always pick up your flaws .

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