She kept  running away from him 

Until she realized 

He is the escape she needed 

Sometimes certain bad experiences make it hard for us to believe there might be something or someone good  waiting for us.

We keep our heart guarded,we become protective and defensive of our  own feelings.

But when someone help us to let our guard down ,then we finally realize .

They are not the one we need to walk away from. 

Rather they are the  escape we need from everything  which are holding us back.

Picture courtesy: Himanshu shekhar

55 thoughts on “Escape

  1. Oh, well said! I was so afraid of… well… *people* before I met my husband. I had friends, but they would often reproach me for not sharing enough and they were right. Sharing meant, for me, becoming vulnerable and was therefore to be kept to a strict minimum.
    I guess it’s not all thanks to him; I also matured and adults are, as a rule, less openly hostile than teenagers. However he was my first real love and I’m so glad he never let me down, despite the fact that it took me several years to stop trying to “escape”. That would probably have caused me to shut people out again.
    Some days, I still feel like my love life is too good to be true and that one morning it will all end. But most days I just enjoy having him by my side.

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  2. Hi, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this… I feel like I could write a thesis on why this simple line is the story of my life over the last two years… I finally figured out I could stop running you know, or at least that I was running in the wrong direction. Thanks for following my blog!

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      1. Yeah, I’m kinda doing a long tuuuuuuurn at the moment, am hoping to use the momentum I’ve already created to run back the way that I’ve come from just as fast. Lol.. kinda forced that metaphor a little bit.. πŸ™‚

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