Let them stay innocent

Laugh so innocent

As their  heart

Laugh so contagious

Making you to smile

Laugh so carefree 

Reminding you of your days

When you had nothing to worry

smile so sparkling

Leaving glitter in their eyes

Like those stars on the midnight sky

Don’t let them be the object of internet ,media and market
At least for now keep them away from your gadgets

Don’t let them get trapped in the idea of perfect 

Help them to realize 

They are amazing

The way they are born 

They don’t need to fit in any form

put away those PS

you bought Last week

To mend up for that  trip  with them, you missed

Take them outdoor to show

those  butterflies in your garden

Tell them to make friends not by sitting behind the screens

But by taking the stroll on the  streets

Don’t teach them to stay away from those street children

I Know your concern as a parent

But please for a while let them stay innocent
Lets not teach them to judge

Let their eyes look everyone equally

Before they get to understand the differences by the society norms
don’t snatch away their whole day by overburdening them with homeworks

And then with extra curricular activities

And what not, just to make them perfect

Just let them do whatever is their interest
Let them steal the childhood days as much as they can 

Let them have those bruised knees and dirty clothes 
Before  the adulthood strikes 

And give them the gift of broken heart and broken dreams
where there is only rat race ,peer pressure and targets

There is a competetion even to enjoy life 
Who is having more parties and drinks

Who is posting more pictures from the last trips,
Till then atleast

let them run to the  end of street

to that  puddles
Where you had your favourite game 

wrestling in the mud with your best friend
Where you left your  childhood

Where the innocence still resides

Let them stay innocent for a while

101 thoughts on “Let them stay innocent

  1. I agree with this poem. I have noticed that as soon as children are out of diapers, they are into as many commitments as adults are. My sister was doing some sport by the time she was three. I am very proud of her and everything, but I was glad that my mother didn’t make me do all kinds of crazy commitments until I was like… eight years old. I am very blessed to have had that innocence because at least we know how to relax and to let ourselves blossom into what we were meant to be. This poem resonates very much with how I have been feeling about how there is basically no childhood anymore.

    When I have children, I want them to have a childhood and to be able to see beauty when they go outside, find something to play with outside, and to even enjoy spending time with animals. I would never make my child do a commitment that would make them miserable. Happiness is something in short stock, so I always try to bring out as much happiness as I can.

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  2. Very Beautiful Meaningful Poem. Advising Parents to Allow their Children to Stay Innocent and Enjoy their Childhood days, before they grow up.
    Yes, make your kids, put away those screens, there is still time for that. Make them run about with the football, play climbing trees, swim in the water, make muddy puddles. Don’t fret on them.
    Remember they will VALUE YOU FOR GIVING THEM A GOOD NORMAL CHILDHOOD, when they grow up.

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