​We met again 

But It was   not  the same 

Neither did you  hold my hand

Nor  did I embrace your cheeks

You didn’t pull me towards yourself

I  didn’t melt in your arms 
It  was not  a passionate meet

But it was  indeed  a compassionate meet 

We didn’t talk countless things 

But our eyes kept indulging in silent conversation

Our lips didn’t meet but 

Our heart continued its  music of rythmic beat 

This time in sync

Our hands reached out for each others

But stumbled at the touch of  the fingers

I had nothing to say ,
fell short of words 

The girl who can’t stop blabbering 

Had kept her mouth shut

You wanted to listen 

Unlike all those days 

When you loved me for being silent 

And shut me up when I had something to say

No matter who left 

May be it was not meant to be 

Thats why we had to separate

I choose not to complain 

Not to argue 

Not to fight this time 

For you are my love and will always remain so 

For you might  not be in my life 

But will always preserve you in my heart 

For I got to know  love sometimes reflects in letting go

May be we will meet again  at the horizon 
Where  the mountain and clouds meet

But just for a while ,

within seconds wind sway away the clouds making it disappear

 and the one who saw them together

 feels as if it was just an illusion

Yes we will meet again 

But only to go our different ways  

123 thoughts on “WE MET AGAIN

  1. Thank you for this post you allowed to read….. It came at a so very right time….. Relating to it only difference I am the boy instead of the girl but it is harsh reality to be accepted and I have somehow now….

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  2. U believe or not,I actually started writing a draft about it,then I thought I dnt want to write about the pain so I wrote about tecnology.lot happnd in life.now really I understood concept of love.love is not always about holding on,its sometimes about letting them go for their happiness.

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  3. You describe the emotions in a breathtaking way. Your story and the feelings reminded me of a personal story…the last time i met a woman that meant so much to me… So i understood and felt deep in my heart what is in your writing and in the heart of the character who feels like that in this poem. Such stirring feeling reading this. Thank You

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  4. Hi there – have wandered through your writing, some great titles there, some great stories, thanks for following my blog, I appreciate it. Good luck on your path, and great endeavour with your blog, well done Poli

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    1. Before accepting this step ,one do everything they could do to keep walking on the same way.But sometimes universe just doesn’t allow it ,and for a while you just don’t have the clue about why its happening .May be someday they will find the answers 🙂

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  5. You’ve captured the heartbreak. And even what went on before that, in retrospect it hung over this dead body, over the funeral pall. It takes guts to right stuff like this. I don’t know whether to continue praising or to say a prayer of safekeeping for you. Don’t misundrstand, it is just that I have no idea where you find the strength to write this. Powerful.

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