There she was lying lifeless

That 14 year old’s dream were limitless
she could be anything she wanted to be 

But she could only be lifeless

At the the tender age of 14

She had the enthusiasm to conquer the world 

But she only could be a source 
To satisfy the ego of a devil

She Became the prey of intentions so evil

He saw her 

Tried to talk her 

When he failed 

Started to stalk her 

He kept indulging in act so henious

She kept  going like a tigress 
The monster decided to calm  down his raging ,burning harmones 

By throwing acid on her

By burning her body 

By  ruining her face

Damaging her soul 

He couldn’t disfigure her spirit 

He failed to scare her 

So decided to disfigure her 

the wounds were visible on her body 

Flashing out her bones 

But the soul was suffering more 

It refused to stay in a world 

Where all such incidents was just a daily chore

The pain,the agony so much 

that her body was numb 

And kept lying there lifeless

  The heaps of hopes

  The collection of dreams

  The stock of ambition 

   It was all lying there 


her soul is still wandering

Wrenching with tears 

 burning with the afflictions of injustice

The scars of violent assault is still there 

no let’s not  label her as “fighter ” this time 

to hide the coward within ourselves

 she is  indeed a victim 

And we all failed her as a society 

Yes we failed her as a system

 giving birth  to more such culprits 

Strengthening their  belief

That they can pour acid

Disfigure the body 

Damage one more life and soul

And  still get away

We all are walking 

Living our daily life 

Laughing and talking 

But deep down 

The hidden sorrow 

the supressed rage 

That we hold back from erupting 

Is only making us



110 thoughts on “Lifeless

  1. A powerful read addressing a very real issue, too often ignored in the face of mundane news reports.
    She is a victim, but a fighter also. It doesn’t detract from her victim ‘status’, nor does it minimise her pain or the ultimate problem. But she is still a fighter. I am deeply disturbed that there are humans on this planet who seem to think this is an acceptable form of behaviour.

    Very moving, well written.


    1. Thankew so much πŸ™‚ ,I do agree that she is a fighter.It’s just for those who just tag her a fighter and get away with their responsibilities .They forget that she is a victim and we need to do something about it .
      Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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  2. I relate so much to this! My blog is very similar to yours and I will be following yours! Hopefully you’ll read mine too!

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  3. It’s a shameful and most regressive act one can do!! Acid attackers are not punished enough and there should be the strictest form of action taken against them! It is heartbreaking to learn of this 14yr old 😦
    Such a painful thing.
    Love your work. Let’s change this world to a peaceful place in the best possible extent
    I have joined 2 days back as well and kindly review and comment on my blog post:


  4. It’s saddening to hear about acidic attacks and what little law does for the victims. The point mentioned by you that we should accept them as a victims, of such a heinous crime, is spot-on. Increase in crimes against women are sky high in the recent years. It seems law needs to be more stringent towards the people guilty of such crimes.

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  5. Yes you are true in what you say. We influence a thoroughfare where frustration, anger, self dissatisfaction eventually displays itself in ridiculous, callous and cowardly acts of not only retribution for our lack, for our state but also ultimately against God HImself. Acts against His Grace. But incredibly in some cases these victims are transformed. Those activities from which the world, according to what activities are trafficked among them remain dead (lifeless) but what is most remarkable is that Very God Himself is made visible, shows in the life of some of those victims. A negation of their origins, Adamic in nature but instead as if a aura, a magic can be discerned within. Chains severed, the mortal coil disengaged and a rainbow bridge transporting the Soul to the very shores of the presence of God. Duality has spoken in their story, paradox is present and so there are no worldly recognized accomplishments, but people come away from some of these individuals with the knowledge that; “I have come the closest to God I might ever come if I don’t change my perspective, my view.”
    Another quizzical post from you. You lead with a purpose. Your mission is secured, stay aligned. Continue the course you are on.

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          1. It is not I but His Love, His Spirit which permits me to appear kind. Not my doing. Deeds I can do but Life I cannot portray. I too am “lifeless”.

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    1. Very well said josh ,We don’t need to treat our younger generation and kids the way that they feel equal .We as society unconsciously make boys feel superior and thus they can’t handle rejection and put it on their ego .Resulting in such henious crimes 😦

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  6. Heart wrenching and more so because it is a reality for a lot of woman. Thank you for raising your voice and using your words against this topic…I can only wish for the world and people to change for better 😦

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  7. Painful . heinous act by such people are to be punished severely.. But then what can be done to the innocent girl when damage has already been done.. I have met few victims like this. All I could do was listen to their story , motivate a little and make them smile..

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    1. This reminds me of a story I heard about just this week. Is this based on the story of the girl that was poured acid on by a guy who intended to marry her, but she as a complete fighter, overcame and succeeded as a model, I believe?

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  8. Exactly the topic on which I was preparing.
    Rightly said, she is not a fighter this time, but a victim. Prey of a devil. A devil who needs to be punished in the most heinous way he could be. He should be made sit in a bathtub of acid, bare body. Or maybe something more worse.
    My rage rises too high when such topic comes up.

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