When you are being needy and feel ashamed about it 

Its scary

How someone can take control of your happiness ,sadness your mood swings .

Even if they don’t know about it ,how much they influence you and your life .
And you just can’t help it .

No matter how strong we are 

This is the thing with feelings you can not run them on logics .

You can not teach your feelings to grow intense because someone is  feeling for you that way .

You cannot  reduce the intensity of your feelings for who doesn’t give a damn .

YOU just can’t .

No matter how strongly we argue about it.

We all fail ,we all have been there , helpless about how we feel .

Clueless about how to control your emotions  ,sitting there confused,vulnerable ,.weak .

But you know what.

 Thats the beauty of   us ,humans. 

we all crave love ,we all are little broken ,we all are bruised .


We don’t stop loving ,we  can not stop to feel .No matter how hard it hits we embrace it .

And I just wanna let you know you are not alone we all are just equally  needy of love .

And thats not our fault .

Its soemething we should be proud of .

WE Should be proud that after hurting like hell for so many times we still try to find love .

We still wait for someone to love us knowingly or unknowingly .

And please ,don’t    start anlalyzing  and giving yourself reasons  to prove that you don’t need love.

ITS okay to be vulnerable ,to be needy .

We all are ,lets just be proud of it.

Its not your weakness. Its your bravery  that you still believe in love and trust me,

 Love is going to find you because you yourself is so full of love that it radiates within you ,from you 

 And will eventually find its way back to you .

 .you are broken ,but you are strong and beautiful with all your vulnerability  ,your needs your break down moments .

Trust me you are strong

 you  exist still beacuse the universe needs you .

There is a purpose only you can fullfuill .

There is a space on mather nature’s lap ,only you can occupy.


And so its okay for you to being needy .


65 thoughts on “When you are being needy and feel ashamed about it 

  1. This is so great.. and something that I think I really need to feel again. You go through so much adversity, and you start to close off to people, and to the world.. breaking down those walls can be so very diffecult- but that is where the life is, and that is where the love is.. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

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  2. Another way to say it is “It’s scary how we can give someone else the power to control our happiness, sadness, our mood swings.” If we see it as something we let others do, then we can decide not to do that anymore!

    I love the way you affirm yourself. That is a good way to help yourself, and others will learn from you as you walk through the grief and write about the journey.

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  3. A thirst for love everyone wants love deep down inside. Some don’t except love because they’re bitter due to hurt. But, love of yourself can keep you in a good mood always.

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  4. We are social animals and there is no way we can stay without love. Love in any form is required by each living soul on this earth. Humans, animals, plants, insects.. we all need love. I feel that it shows our strength when we accept our weaknesses. The one who is capable of understanding their weaknesses, is the one who becomes the strongest because they realize where they lack. Needing love makes us vulnerable. But at the same time, it makes us compassionate and keeps us human. Love is indeed a necessary part of life and shying away from announcing the fact won’t lead us anywhere. I take pride in saying that I need love as it proves my capability of giving love at the same time…

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  5. We all are needy. What I figured out is that these feelings come when you are not accepting the love you already have or you are trying to get it from another place, person, thing. To exit such situation the only proper solution would be to try to focus on what’s really important in life and what good do we have.

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  6. This is so beautifully written. One shouldn’t be ashamed of the way they feel like rain isn’t sorry for falling and sun isn’t sorry for shinning. It’s all a part of us 🙂

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  7. Thanks Sup for taking out so perspective.Its about the situation when we need someone to be there but we feel guilty of being needy of the love and care .Its about being controlled by someone else because of our feelings of them .Which makes us in turn being so defensive that we prevent us to accept the fact we need love .And when we realize that we need to be loved we feel ashamed being independent and strong .


  8. I got a little disconnected here.are we speaking of seeking someone’s guidance, love and care when we really need it and feel hesitant ?? I don’t think we should be. Are we talking about some one taking control of our mood . ?? Well that’s only when we let them do.. Think deeper .. But yes there are many parameters which are beyond our control but let’s not be influenced by negative aspects . are you saying love has a negative influence and can control the mind in certain ways ?? Well it all depends on how do u evolve being in love ..
    Too many perceptions on this post made me think even more. But as usual wonderful post dear..

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    1. Thanks for taking out so many prespective Sup.Its about the situations where we feel vulnerable and need love but at the same time we feel guilty about it .As we consider it as a sign of weskness. Being strong and independent we think we should not rely anyone but on ourselves .we get scared of the way someone influences us because of our own feeling for them and due to this we feel defensive for our own feelings.

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      1. I understand dear. Believe me .we are all interdependent in some or the other way. Love can be a sign of strength too if you properly express it and believe in it.seeking love is human nature and nothing wrong in it.. If u feel u r loved and betrayed and then feel guilty then u feel like weakness .. But doesn’t it again make u strong… Living independent doesn’t mean u don’t seek help guidance and love . it means u take the responsibility ..
        I feel good interacting with u 🙂

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  9. But you know,we should not let these feeling of love take control you,how many people became insane and some even died because of these feelings,no offense,just my thoughts.

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    1. The more you try to get hold of it, the more it will slip away. So don’t try to conquer love. It is not a fort… It’s a sea wave… It will hit you at the right moment. Just sit there peacefully on the beach and feel it’s breeze until it arrives.

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